The exterior of a building is what people first see. But it’s the interior that people live with every day – which is why interior design is so important. “A badly designed building will slow you down,” Steve Fenwick says. “A good layout will continually assist you.

Fenwick Architects’ first step is understanding how the building will be used, how people will live and work within it. Then they lay out the rooms, corridors and facilities for optimum function and flow.

Next, the architects turn to aesthetics. How should the space look and feel? What image should be conveyed? They select woods, finishes, flooring, tile, and wall coverings to achieve the desired effect.

Fenwick Architects considers every detail. They select lighting systems to create a mood. They design custom cabinetry for efficient storage and dramatic effect. They choose furniture, upholstery fabric and accessories such as lamps. The result is consistency between the building’s exterior and interior.

Fenwick Architects accepts commercial interior design as independent assignments, or in conjunction with building projects.