Golf club architecture ranges from luxurious clubhouses to utilitarian maintenance facilities, with many buildings combining both. Fenwick Architects has experience with a variety of golf club projects.

Fenwick designed extensive renovations for Linwood Country Club including a new bar and dining room with a sophisticated, traditional ambiance.

Golf maintenance facilities present totally different challenges, and the Fenwick architects are experts in solving them. Groundskeepers typically need places to store and recharge electric golf carts, store and mix fertilizers and fungicides, and refuel landscaping equipment. All these functions involve hazardous materials which must be handled appropriately.

Grass cutters, for example, come back to the maintenance facility loaded with clippings that are coated with oil. For Atlantic City Country Club, Fenwick designed a wash down area with drainage, filtration and recycle systems. The filters separate the grass clippings, water and oil, so the clippings can be used for mulch, the water cleaned and the oil disposed of properly.

Maintenance facilities are generally within clear view of the golfers. Fenwick believes their design should complement the main clubhouse—enhancing, not detracting from, the feeling of the course.

When golf clubs are willing to devote time and effort to building design, construction costs are controlled and the facilities provide ongoing service, value and pleasure.